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Fernando Rossia was born in 1972 in Rosario, Argentina.

Intensely influenced by comics and cinema, he began at an early age to draw and make home projections of his own pictures and stories.

After high school, and briefly trying electronic engineering as his career of choice, started Fine Arts at the National University of Rosario.

Around 1996 he began working on short films, and among others “Gente seria” (made with puppets and 2D animation) was presented in the TV show Caloi en su Tinta.

The following year he exhibited his graphic novel original drawings “Tierra del olvido” at the Alliance Française Cultural Center.

In 2000 he collaborated on the set design for the TV program “Asociación ilícita", and later that year moved to Buenos Aires to participate in the designs for "Medios Locos", both broadcasted on National TV Channel 7, Argentina.

At that time he attended the workshop of the painter Carlos Gorriarena every week while training daily at the studio of the cartoonist Carlos Meglia.

He traveled to the USA in 2001 and exhibited his works at Kavanaugh Gallery, Iowa.

Years later he made his first trip to Europe, and had the opportunity to exhibit in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris.

He made sets for plays in various cities in Spain for the theater company “La juglaresa”.

In 2006 he exhibited in Phoenix, USA and participated in the international auction at the Museum Latin American Art (MOLAa).

In the same year, he had collective and individual exhibits in San Francisco (galleries ‘Buenas Artes’ and Red Poppy ArtHouse)

In 2007 and 2011 respectively, he held two large collective exhibitions, as part of a group of artists in his hometown: “I care about you” at the Parque de España Cultural Center and “PIC-FIC” at the OSDE Foundation.

Since 2015 he has settled in Germany.

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